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Frozen Pipe Repair in Twin Falls, ID

Without working pipes, a plumbing system is virtually at a standstill. So, when pipes freeze, there is a very real danger of the entire system going down. There are a lot of preventative measures that can be taken to keep your pipes from freezing, but when it does happen, you will need to have it taken care of immediately. Frozen plumbing should be handled by professionals.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, the damage is done when they burst. Frozen pipes should not have water pushed through them, which is why it is so important to contact a professional Twin Falls plumber as soon as you suspect something is wrong. Our team of certified plumbers at On The Ball Plumbing are experts in the latest Twin Falls ID frozen pipes repair, techniques and tools and can assist you in whatever capacity you need.

Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes causing damage to your home:

  • Create a plan to winterize outdoor pipes prior to winter.

  • Check all pipes in your home if one pipe is frozen.

  • Keep the faucet open while treating frozen pipes to allow water flow.

  • Open cabinets to allow heat to circulate around the pipes.